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Custom Loop troubles

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Adrew24 12 days ago

I have a couple questions about my custom loop. I hope these aren't serious problems.

  1. My reservoir has only one port on the top, so I've been filling the loop through my radiator which is top-mounted. Is this advisable, or is there a better way?

  2. There are small bits of debris in the reservoir. Should I drain the loop and refill?

Thanks in advance.

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adamboyce556 1 point 11 days ago

I cant see an issue with filling through the radiator although im probably not the best one to answer that.

debris could jam the pump, depending on how large it is. are you just using water or custom coolant?

Remember to flush out the loop once first to clear it of any loose bits of debris.

Adrew24 submitter 1 Build 1 point 11 days ago

I already flushed with vinegar. I'm using distilled water with a bit of biocide in it.