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recommendations for white 360 CPU cooler?

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sean.planche 3 days ago

trying to do an all white build but the CPU cooler is keeping me up at night.

corsair makes a beautiful, white 240 CPU cooler but not a 360??? NZXT makes the Kraken X72 but only in black.

is there really no manufacturer out there who makes a 3 ring CPU cooler in white other than DEEPCOOL? and even then the fans are black...

should i start my own CPU cooler company and make an all white 360 cooler? will i become a billionaire?

does anyone have some insight into the darkest abyss ever witnessed?

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mark5916 1 point 3 days ago

will i become a billionaire?

I don't think so. lol

Considering that life is already hard enough these days, who would pay a fortune for an 360mm AIO. :-P

mayatola 1 Build 1 point 2 days ago

What CPU are you getting? Do you absolutely need a 360mm CLC? 240 is still pretty decent in terms of performance, but man, Amazon is selling the H100i RGB Platinum SE for $170? Even the H115i RGB Platinum is cheaper.

I obsessed over RGB fans myself until I realized the price vs performance against other fans. Yeah, Corsair definitely charges a premium for their products. Anyway, I got over it and hopefully you will too.

Or you could start your own white CPU cooler company and become a billionaire.