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Gigabyte GA-AX370-GAMING 5 ATX AM4 Motherboard

(15 Ratings, 3.9 Average)


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Part #




Socket / CPU


Form Factor



AMD X370

Memory Max

64 GB

Memory Type


Memory Slots


Memory Speed

  • DDR4-2133
  • DDR4-2400
  • DDR4-2933
  • DDR4-3200


Black / White


  • 2-Way SLI Capable
  • CrossFire Capable

PCI-E x16 Slots


PCI-E x8 Slots


PCI-E x4 Slots


PCI-E x1 Slots


PCI Slots


M.2 Slots

2242/2260/2280/22110 M-key

mSATA Slots


Onboard Ethernet

2 x 1000 Mbit/s

SATA 6 Gb/s


SATA Express




Onboard Video

Depends on CPU

USB 2.0 Headers


USB 3.2 Gen 1 Headers


USB 3.2 Gen 2 Headers


USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Headers


Supports ECC


Wireless Networking


RAID Support


Price History


    • 98 points
    • 36 months ago

    from completed build fRAG ARTiSTRY 6

    AWESOME. Fantastic motherboard. Replaced the previous board I had in there and is doing a great job. Stable power, great overclocks, looks amazing. Faces the same issue as most Gigabyte MOBOs at the moment, that being that the UEFI BIOS is maybe a touch on the light-side, missing one or two features I'd have liked to see and with related settings sometimes buried in different menus. Overall though, these are minor quibbles about a fantastic piece of kit.

    • 62 points
    • 37 months ago

    from completed build Gamer Dad Amd Ascension

    This was such a breeze for a first time builder. Its GORGEOUS, everything is labeled on the PCB or underneath the pins so there was little confusion when building, and it has all the bells and whistles I could ever need.

    • 48 points
    • 35 months ago

    from completed build Miku V2 (Ryzen Battlestation)

    Early stability issues required the use of the dual-BIOS since it froze up during an update. Includes on-board buttons for: Power, Reset, CMOS clear, and OC (I am now convinced that the OC button does absolutely NOTHING.) Has tons of fan/pump headers and a tasteful board design. The biggest complaint I have is that the Motherboard LED sectors are not individually addressable, many colors do not work well, and there are large color inconsistencies between individual sectors that can only be remedied by keeping to either solid Red, Green, or Blue.

    • 32 points
    • 26 months ago

    from completed build Palladium Glass

    Well, I’ve had Gigabyte motherboards in the past and they’ve performed quite well actually. The board itself is designed fairly decent but the only caveat I have is that the M.2 slot sits directly under the video card which could possibly increase heat to the SSD but I haven’t researched that yet so I’m not quite sure on that aspect.

    All the connectors are well placed and it’s nice that it has a dedicated AIO fan header that’s rated at 3A. That was actually one of the deciding factors because the ASUS board I originally had picked out, only the CPU_FAN header was rated at 2A. Since I changed the fans out on my Fractal Design Celsius s36, the pump and the three Corsair LL120’s rated a little over 2A so I needed a board with a higher amperage rated fan header and this Gigabyte board fit the bill.

    One of the deciding factors on buying this board was that it included a dedicated Sound Blaster X-Fi software suite specially designed for this motherboards audio chip. I was sorely disappointed when I tried to use it though as my JDS Labs: The Element AMP/DAC connected via a USB cable so The Element became my default playback device and the X-Fi software required the audio chip as the default playback device so it didn’t work. Was a little disappointed to say the least.

    • 29 points
    • 33 months ago

    from completed build The New Hotness

    To be honest this was the worst part in my build, on a superficial glance it is a very good motherboard, lots of io, built in lighting, all of its features seem to be top notch, however upon use you can tell it falls apart. First of all the bios is minimal and buggy, a major bug that troubled me for a month was that it reset cpu and ram frequency if the voltage was over 1.3v after not being intensely used a few minutes after system start, this has yet to be fixed. The second strike against this motherboard is that it has a glaring dark orange led in the centre of the board, I have tried to hide it with electrical tape but it is strong enough to shine through which ruins the whole point of rgb imo. The third strike is the led system, not only are they more obtuse then it would seem on video (shining bright instead of a glow) but they have a heavily limited colour scheme and CANNOT TURN ORANGE, given that orange is the color of the lighting on all of its promotional material I cannot forgive this issue, the only colors I find are particularly good are dark blue, red, purple and green. white is heavily toned turquoise and strangely enough when set to turquoise the right hand panel is a shade lighter then the other leds.

    • 26 points
    • 20 months ago

    from completed build Blue Dream (First Build)

    This motherboard is an absolute champ when it comes to features and performance and that tasty RGB goodness. And it was only £114 when I bought it. It wrecked other mobos in its price category; it uses a 6+4 phase! Only gripe here is a BIOS bug where above a 1.32V Vcore the ryzen boots at exactly 1546MHz. Weird. Another issue is that the M.2 is directly behind the main PCIe slot. Still, for the insane value this mobo provides I'm still keeping its 5 star rating.

    • 23 points
    • 37 months ago

    from completed build Black, White, and Ryzen all over

    Looks great even without the fancy lights on. More importantly, it runs cheap RAM at 3200MHz (Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200) with just a simple pre-loaded BIOS profile. Debug codes and dual BIOS are great, might not be able to go without them again!!

    A few nitpicks: --M.2 is in almost the worst spot possible. Right under the GPU. Seems to be a common problem though. --The gimmicky "clear plastic design/removable RGB thing" is placed super poorly too. That's right where the biggest cable in the PC (24-pin) has to pass in front!! PLUS the front USB 3.0 and in my case 2X fan cables. --Temp sensors are nice but the cables are WAY long. I ran one like 3 inches to the NVMe drive and had to wrap up a huge wad of cable in between. --RGB software already crashed a couple times. Looks like it's "extreme rainbow pulse" for now...

    Oh and "all lights off" leaves one fairly prominent dark-orange LED on... -_-

    • 17 points
    • 15 months ago

    from completed build Rohin

    The physical aesthetic of this motherboard is GREAT and it has LOTS of fan headers and sata output. But that's about where the positives for it STOP.

    I've tried 5 different bios "upgrade" options available that I found by digging through numerous chat forums on the motherboard. They ALL have issues an no one has been able get one just right including the most current (which I believe is FE25, and the one I'm currently running). At this point, its a lost cause.

    The lighting doesn't work properly because of REALLY bad Gigabyte software issues. They refuse to fix it. They cut everything down to two total zones (even though they could have done 5 or 6) and there are two REALLY annoying super bright led's glaring out of the I/O section at the top left of the board. I basically have to turn that zone OFF.

    The memory compatibility is awful (runs my 3200mhz ram at 2133 unless I use an XMP profile). Overclocking is mediocre at best (I was able to get 4.0ghz out of my 1700x but at a voltage I wasn't very comfortable with so I backed it off to 3.8 since its a daily use computer). It only has ONE m.2 slot which is poorly placed under the top PCIE slot. One RGB header at the bottom, plus one in the middle for cpu cooler that I dont use.

    I got this board remanufactured for $73 and I STILL wouldn't purchase it again. Overall... the x370 series was just really bad for all the motherboards. Motherboard manufacturers had to push out their lines very quickly and weren't given adequate time. The memory compatibility issues are STILL present (despite what is being told to everyone). Save your money and upgrade to B450 or X470.

    Gigabyte on Ryzen sucks and I wont be purchasing any of their products again until they can prove they are past these software issues.

    • 13 points
    • 33 months ago

    from completed build Jade Geode

    Yes! It's really good. It comes with a bunch of accessories (although one of the SATA cables is apparently non-functional) and neat little accessories like extra velcro straps and SATA labels. Every port is clearly labelled and the manual is very readable. The BIOS is also pretty good and easy to use, plus double bios, and it comes with a suite of firmware which is not only fast, but it actually works! Yowza!

    Two problems: HORRIBLE M.2 placement, it's behind the GPU! There's also only one M.2 slot, which is a bit meh. The SATA ports on the top also get blocked by full size GPUs.

    • 12 points
    • 3 months ago

    from completed build The Nevada

    I don't really like the way Gigabyte sets up their BIOS, as its messy, while trying to be clean. It's also frustrating that a flagship board like this manages to not have a USB 3.1 header on it.

    Regardless, it works great and you cant really beat it for that price, i think.

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