I started Angry Goat Computers, LLC (AGC) in February of 2016 with the desire to build quality computers customized for each client so they could have the PC of their dreams. I didn’t plan to reinvent the wheel as there are plenty of other boutique builders out there but I wanted to provide another option with some differences to set AGC apart from the rest. I have never purchased a computer in my entire life, I have always built them. It started with an eMachine my father bought me for college and I said to myself; there has to be a better way. From there I started going to trade shows and computer flea markets to purchase components to build my own system and have never stopped since. I got into custom water cooling in 2015 and fell in love with the beauty and performance. The company name came from my love of my goatee and also goats. My oldest son is in a 4-H goat club and he shows goats at competitions for a family friend. Goats are awesome animals and have great personalities. One of my main goals is to focus on customer service from day 1 of visiting the website through purchasing of a PC and beyond. We won’t stop customer service just because you’ve made a purchase and the sale is “done”. We want you to be a customer for life. I personally answer the phones and even build some of the computers that ship out as I want to be involved in every step of the process. I am never satisfied with the end product and feel there is always something to improve. I love feedback so much there is an email box set up just for feedback on changes and updates that you feel would better the company at If you have any suggestions for improving the website to future build recommendations please feel free to email us and they will get read by myself and taken into consideration.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on the website please contact us at (844) 862-4100 or and we can work with you to build you a custom PC with the same pricing model as the rest of our builds. We don’t charge any extra for custom builds; we love them and encourage them. If you’re not sure why something isn’t on our website you think is there please let us know but remember; we build computers not websites and we focus on what we love and do best first.

Our builds normally have a 5-10 business day turnaround time for shipping as each PC is built to order. We don’t keep computers prebuilt on shelves waiting to be purchased. We order most components for each order and our distributors get them to us usually the next day. After receiving everything, we build each system very meticulously and then it goes through quality checks and burn in testing to make sure it is performing at it’s best for you from day 1 and if anything is going to fail we try to catch it before it ships so you have the best experience possible. The more custom a PC is the more time we spend to make sure it is as close to perfect as possible. Overclocking and custom water cooling add more time to the build. Overclocking usually will add another day as we do additional burn in testing to make sure that overclocks are stable. We do a full 24 hour stress test to make sure that we push it harder than you ever will so we know it is stable. Water cooling is similar in that we do leak testing for a full 24 hours before we confirm it is good to ship and all hardline systems are bent by hand for each system so no two systems are the same, ever. We use as few fittings as possible as it adds to the aesthetics, creates fewer connections for potential leaks and costs less so we can pass the savings on to you.


Jeffrey Monarch Owner Angry Goat Computers, LLC