Hello there!

I am a first year college student in Vancouver, Canada majoring in Computer Science. I built my first PC in 2002 but had since then being using notebooks due to multiple moves all around the world. During those years I had lived in Asia, Europe, and finally North America; I had travelled to many countries and had seen a myriad of wonderful sights.

I had discovered this site through Reddit, and had since fallen in love with it.
After starting school in September of 2013, I immediately found my poor old laptop inadequate to the task of running multiple IDEs, browsers with 20 tabs open at once and PS running in the background. That's when I realized that I need a powerful new machine in order to get through my program.

Thus I started researching and planning with the goals of:
1. The PC must have support for greater or equal to 3 monitors
2. The PC must be build with a total budget (base price + shipping + fees + taxes) of $1,500
3. The PC must be future proof with a minimum serving length of 5 years without major upgrades (ie. mobo, CPU, case, etc)
4. The PC must be quiet (I do not like loud noises when I work)
5. The PC must have a high performance to price ratio (ie. buying everything at discounts)
6. The PC must be capable to handle multiple GPU and CPU intensive programs at the same time

I already have, in my possession:
1. 1/3 Monitors (21.5")
2. Mouse Pad and Mouse (G9x Laser)
3. Speakers
4. 2 External HDD and 1 Internal HDD (2.5") of 500GB/1TB and 500GB respectively
5. Headphones (2 paris)
6. A newly purchased IKEA GALANT Desk
7. $1000 from my parents

To be moved to build page once completed

With accordance to abovementioned goals and resources this is my parts list thus far:
Click Here

To everyone that sees this profile, I would like to say hello and good day and wish you gents and ladies an excellent time creating your dream machines!

Best Regards!
Apr 13-14