I'm a high school student in the state of North Carolina. My school is a magnet school which means that it gets different programs than other high schools. there are 8 or 9 academy classes. I am in the IT academy which teaches you all you need to know to become an IT technician straight out of high school. Freshmen year is the basics. Sophomore year is the year they teach you all the parts of a PC and how to build one.(We actually build our own PC's in that class (funded by the government). The third and last year of high school we learn to install, configure, and operate LAN, WAN, and dial access services for small networks. We also learn bridging/switching, network protocols, routing and LAN design. currently I am in sophomore year.

My PC: 1. i5 3570k 2. Hyper 212 evo 3. Asrock z77 pro 4 4. Wintec one 8gb (do not buy this the heat sinks fell off due to cheap glue) 5. samsung 840 120gb 6. Western digital blue 1tb 7. Asus gtx 760 8. xfx pro 550 watts

Some upgrades i plan on doing to my PC include, getting a new case(corsair air 540), custom sleeving, bitfenix alchamy led light strips, and maybe another ssd, idk.

My plans are to get out of high school and go straight into College at either NC State or another technology college. After i get out of college it is my dream job to work for Nvidia as a computer hardware engineer.

The games I like to play are battlefield 3, league of legends, and other fps games. The games in the future that i will be playing are destiny, titanfall, the division, battlefield 4, and the best for last fallout 4. I am also a huge Open world fan.


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