Oh I'm just your everyday PC Heretic. Going along being neither an AMD nor Intel diehard, ramming Toshiba HDD's and non-mechanical keyboards (Loud Gasp) at you.

My PC is currently a potato. A potato I've squeezed up to running Space Engineers on a lower budget than any build you've seen before (E.G. New graphics card for less than £60, thanks Amazon)... I've gotten to the point though, where it's getting outdated and can be pushed no further, It's got parts in it I've forgotten the name of (i.e. the two generic SSDs which I've pinned down to being Crucial 250GB and Kingston 240GB after some retrospective research). Anyway, I'm using an ol' 4-core AMD processor, and a passive graphics card which has served me well, and two of your generic sticks of RAM to punch up into the 8GB zone. Therefore I've decided soon it will be time for an upgrade. There will be a bit of time till I do upgrade, I need to build up some money as I'm not cutting too many corners even though It'll still be budget (RX480 + 3TB HDD and cannibalising across one or both of the SSDs).

One good ol' trusty piece of equipment I will keep on for longer yet, my good ol' keyboard. The only reason I had to replace my last copy of it, was that I'd warn away the text from most of the keys and when my dad came in to fix something he got annoyed so decided to get me a new copy of the keyboard. Can you guess what model it is? Some high-end ultra RGB mechanical keyboard perhaps? No, a Logitech K120. Yes, 'that thing' - You know, one of the keyboards that's often shipped as a default one to accompany a PC. It works, and it works well. I can type fast, play fast, ragequit faster. It lasts without any keys faltering. Sure it's not wireless, but why do I need a wireless keyboard? Then it'd just run out of battery. Also, I could always go for a full RGB keyboard, but why? It's nice to have a few LED fans to give a bit of a sleeker look to your PC and add some dramatic lighting onto your GPU, but your keyboard is a keyboard. Purely functional, and functional is what it must be. That is the K120 in a nutshell. My mouse, I always go wireless, although I'm not as pleased with my current one, a Logitech one but it isn't the most reliable, could just be a faulty one though, I need to sometimes take out and reinsert the battery (mind you, this one battery never runs out. Perhaps it's charged by the movement of me taking it out?) It get's a bit grubby at times too (I have no idea why, but it will ever so slowly just build up a slight sort of coating of something, which I ensure to clean off whenever it happens. No explanation available, call in Mulder and Scully).