My planned first ever build, please take a look at it if you have the time, and let me know what you think. :) Thanks! :D

I have just recently got into pc because of a mate of mine who convinced me to give up on the xbox my siblings and i have been using for years, and start experience gaming on pc, so I can enjoy my favorite two games properly "FM16" and "FIFA16." I have been playing FM16 on an old mac i got for present around 2010, and it doesn't handle FM16 pretty well. Anyway, I have been doing few researches on gaming pc and pc overall, and to be completely honest, I'd never imagine I would have been so into it, and feeling completely like a pc nerd xD

I am not very knowledgeable about pc building, but have been doing a few researches since last month, and I'm pretty proud of myself for all the knowledge I have acquired so far. I will try to contribute to this community about things I can offer my little "pc knowledge" i have acquired in the last few weeks. But once I start feeling more confident and like a pro lol I will make sure I help whenever I can.

What else can I say? I am completely in love with the notion of building my first ever pc. I have been saving since January 10, and so far I have 800$ (update: 1400$ as of February 6.) (Update 02/29/16: first ever PC build completed), and I hope that by April I have enough money to start shopping. Anyway I can't complain because it means more time to do more heavy researches, and be completely ready for my first.

what else to know about me? I am football enthusiast. I breath, bleed, and inhale football. My favorite club is Bristol Rovers and Juventus. my future goal is to become a very successful football manager xD but that might change now since i got so much into pc building, and even planing on changing my major to computer science. That is how much i have gotten into pc hehe

And also feel free to ask me whatever, and will do my best to help with whatever i possibly can :)

Also don't forget to check my build guide, and leave feedback if you think it needs improvement.