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Facts about me  
Friends List   
Cool stuff that I did   
Build Log of my PC
Important things to keep around
Parts of a PC

Facts about me

Age - 14
Gender - Male
Birthday - March 10
Name - Matthew
Location - California
Special things about me - I have one hand

Friends list

Cool stuff that I did

Newegg Visit 4-5-16

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It was fantastic. I met Jay and Fractal Josh and they were SUPER nice. When Jay was doing the build he opened the EVGA box (970) and handed me the poster :) after the event they took pictures with me, signed the poster he gave me, and then we chatted about Skunkworks, Nizzy, and random stuff. Then they looked over my build and I pointed out that I wanted a smaller case, maybe Fractal. Josh asked me what I was thinking, so I said the Nano S (the case Jay was building in) He said to wait a minute, and came back with a Nano S in its original packaging and said it was mine to keep!!! Then we chatted more outside, took more pictures, and he interviewed me for the vlog he is going to put on YouTube.

Great experience and would DEFINITELY go again :)

Here's the video

Some pictures I took when I was there

Jay's custom water-cooled build in the Nano S
Jay's live build at Newegg
Because I'm creepy :)
Picture with Jay
Picture with Fractal Josh
Picture with both of them :O
Nizzy's so sick (and loud!)

Newegg Visit 5-20-16

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So I went to Newegg today to hopefully exchange my Define Nano S pls no kill for something more portable (Silverstone RVZ01B) I talked with a good friend of mine (he's a manager) about PC stuffs and me mentioned that I told him I wanted a more portable case. We researched for a bit, but ultimately decided the RVZ01B was the best for me. I said that what am I supposed to do with the Nano S if I'm getting the RVZ01. The guy said that I could see it for another build or something like that. At this point I felt bad about asking him if we could exchange it so we talked about a few other things, and left.

When we got in the car, my dad mentioned that we should make him a PC using that case. Currently he runs an old prebuilt from 2003. (pentium?) He said he wanted to do photo editing, office work, and web browsing with a $1500 budget. He wanted to do this is in like 2 weeks but I have testing and stuff so right after school ends. (June 22) And to put the icing on the cake, I asked him what do we do about my case. He said to pick the case you like and don't worry about the price. (I pay for my computer)

Pretty great day, huh?

Newegg Visit 6-18-16

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Here's how my day went

I woke up at 6:30 am and we leave the house at 7:00 am. We drop off my sister at 8:00 in Riverside for a test she has to take. We leave at 8:30 and get to Newegg at 9:30. The event doesn't start until 10:00 but we go in anyway. We chat until like 11:00 and then the event started. We watch the Newegg people build an X99 system until about 1:45 when I went and got some In n Out because I hadn't eaten anything yet. My dad leaves to pick up my sister at around 2:00 . At around 2:30 I won a Thermaltake Core V71 Full Tower case. This event was sponsored by Thermaltake so that explains the case. About 10 minutes ago as of time of writing (3:20) I win a mouse pad and a power bank. I am really grateful to Newegg and Thermaltake for having this event. Thank you guys.

MicroCenter Visit 6-18-16

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So after my eventful visit at Newegg something else happened. I went to MicroCenter and I looked at monitors and stuff. I realized I didn't like the monitor I was planning to buy (LG 29UM68) because of the thick bezel and cheap looking stand. I also bought a 6700k for $313 after taxes. All I can say is


So that is the start of me ordering the parts for my build. I'm SOOOOOOOO excited :D

Build Log of my PC

Here is the part list

June 17, 2016

Today I went to Micro Center and picked up a 6700k for $289.99 ($313 after taxes). This is the first purchase I made for my RVZ01 - 6700K - 1070 rig. More updates to come

July 2, 2016

Today I went to Best Buy snd picked up a Corsair Strafe RGB for $109.99. This is the second purchase I made for my RVZ01 - 6700K - 1070 rig. I really enjoy it. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates to this build log and a completed build in the future!

July 6, 2016

Today I went to Micro Center and purchased a Gigabyte Z170N-Wifi motherboard for $89.99 via a sweet deal. The board is currently $139.99 at Micro Center, and I got $30 off in a CPU bundle deal and a $20 mail in rebate. This is the third part I purchased for my RVZ01 - 6700K - 1070 rig.

July 12, 2016

Today I went to Best Buy and bought a Sandisk Ultra II 480GB for $94.99. This SSD was on Prime Day for $95 and the 960GB for $165, but it went out of stock before I could buy it. :( Luckily I noticed that Best Buy had the 480GB for $95 and the 960GB for $165, same as Amazon. So I just had to have it. When I was there, I decided that a 480GB SSD was enough for my needs. This 480GB SSD will be my primary drive, on which I will store my OS, games, cat pictures, etc. This is the fourth purchase for my RVZ01 - 6700K - 1070 rig.

July 17, 2016

Today I went...nowhere, actually. I sat my butt on my comfy (ish) couch and ordered some PC stuffs from Amazon. I ordered a 4g tube of MX-4 for $7, a SilverStone NT06-Pro for $$55, a Corsair SF600 for $120, and a SilverStone RVZ01 for $85 which my dad said he'd pay for the case. This is my biggest single purchase part wise, if that makes any sense at all. Probably doesn't though. So yeah, pretty cool. I believe they should be coming in around July 19-20th. I'm super stoked. :) This is my fifth purchase for my RVZ01 - 6700k - 1070 rig.
Update - July 20, 2016 - Case has arrived!
Update - July 20, 2016 - Case arrived damaged, sending it back
Update - July 22, 2016 - Case has arrived!
Update - July 22, 2016 - Cooler has arrived!
Update - July 22, 2016 - Thermal Paste has arrived!
Update - July 22, 2016 - PSU has arrived!
Update - July 22, 2016 - Mouse has arrived!
Update - July 31, 2016 - Tried fitting the cooler today. It did not fit, so I'm returning it and getting the Cryorig C1 instead

August 1, 2016

Today I ordered two parts. I ordered the Cryorig C1 from Amazon ($64.99) and the Corsair Vengeance LPX (2 X 8 DDR4-2400) from Newegg (($57.99). I opted for the C1 over my original NT06-Pro because the Silverstone was huge and it was not compatible. I ordered the ram in a flash because I caught it on sale (thanks pegotico!) for about $13 less than the previous price.

August 27, 2016

Since I was out of town for the majority of the past two weeks, I couldn't finish my system sooner, but today I went to Newegg to try to finish it. While I was there, I realized the Cryorig C1 would not fit as it sat on the USB 3.0 header, the 24 pin, and the ram. So now I have two options:
1. Get a smaller cooler (such as a Cryorig C7)
2. Get a 120mm AIO (such as the H55/H60 and Kraken X31)
I will update later with my decision
Update - September 3, 2016 - I bought a Corsair H55 from Micro Center

September 3, 2016

Today I went to Micro Center and picked up a Corsair H55 for $67.99. Hopefully I'll finally be able to completely my build that I started, what seems like, ages ago. Cross your fingers!
Update - September 4, 2016 - Cooler has been installed successfully! Hopeful I can work on it more tonight to finish it up

October 3, 2016

Well this took waaaaay too long. Anyway, I bought a Gigabyte 1070 mini ITX OC from Thanks to my good friend pegotico, I managed to find a killer deal on this GPU from jet. It was $396.41 (base price) which is normal for this card, but jet is offering a 15% discount on your first three orders (up to $30). This reduced the cost to $366.41 which is lower than the 1070's MSRP. And to put the cherry on the cake, they don't charge tax! So my order total was $366.41. The ETA is October 6 to 12, 2016 so expect an update soon.
Update - October 5, 2016 - GPU has arrived!

October 6, 2016

Almost finished. Phew, it's been a heck of a ride. Tonight a found am insane deal on Newegg. A 32" IPS 4K Freesync monitor for only $389.99!!! Shipping is gonna take a while though. For this price though I'm not complaining. I mean it was originally $799.99!
Update - October 10, 2016 - Monitor has arrived!
Update - November 5, 2016 - Due to specific reasons, I am unhappy with the monitor and want to return it. I sent an email to the seller (MNW Global). Waiting on instructions.
Update - November 19, 2016 - 2 weeks later, MNW Global finally decided to let me return it.
Update - November 21, 2016 - Monitor is on it's way to the seller.
Update - November 23, 2016 - The seller has contacted me and I have been issued a full refund!

November 23, 2016

Today I picked up a Samsung 40" 4K TV from Costco for $289.99. I'm super lucky to find one in store. These have been out of stock for 2 days online. The Costco employee informed me that he sold 31 in one day. How crazy is that!?
Update - November 24, 2016 - Been using this monitor for about 6 hours now and it is fantastic! Much better that the QNIX I had before.

January 11, 2017

I'm almost done, I promise. Well I still needed headphones, and I was looking at the Sennheiser G4ME Zeros. Only issue is they're $200. Luckily I managed to find a brand new pair at for only $150.99. To make it even better, there's no tax! Yay!
**Update - January 14, 2016 - Headphones have arrived and they're great!

Important things to keep around

Part List Opinions Wanted

If you want opinions on your part list, I recommend answering all these questions in your original post.

What will this be used for?
What is your budget?
Do you want to overclock?
Where are you located and what currency do you want us to use?
Do you want an ATX, MATX, or ITX form factor case?
Do you want a particular color scheme?
Do you need a/some specific part/s?
Do you need OS, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and headphones?
Please answer with all, none, or specific item.

Parts of a PC

All credit to legonate416

All formatting by Matthewtina2015

Sentences in bold are important.

If you are new to PC building or even PCs in general, please read this tutorial below. :)

So basically, inside a computer there are eight parts that you need. Seven if your processor has an onboard graphics chip.


The CPU is the Central Processing Unit. Anything the computer does or thinks about goes through this. Generally stronger cores (Intel) are more preferred to many cores (AMD) for many tasks. Gaming and average everyday use benefits from stronger cores. Rendering or editing videos benefits from many weaker cores.

B. Motherboard

The Motherboard is the piece of plastic and metal that connects all the parts together so they can work properly. Here you'll find your Ram, CMOS battery, sata ports, etc. Definitely don't skimp out on this part, but don't get a very expensive one either. Your judgement will come with time over such things. Motherboards with the prefix 'Z' allows CPU overclocking. The prefix 'H' indicates that you cannot overclock on that motherboard. One size does not fit all, and you will need to get to know which socket is which. AM3+ and FM2+ are the most popular AMD sockets, and the LGA1150/LGA1151 (Haswell/Skylake, respectively) are typically the most popular socket for Intel.

C. Ram

The Ram is Random Access Memory. All the running applications' data is stored here, and it automatically erases when you shut down. Thus if you don't save a document, the data will be lost because it was only stored in the RAM. 8gb of ram is considered the 'sweet spot' for gaming right now, as most games (if not all) don't use more than ~6gb of ram at a time. 16gb of ram is really only for people looking to do video editing, or heavy web browsing (hundreds of tabs open at a time, etc.)


The Graphics Processing Unit is the piece of equipment that calculates whatever displays on your screen. Generally if you are looking to buy a gaming PC, you'll want to spend a big chunk of the money on this. If you're just doing office work though, an integrated CPU chip would work just fine. Integrated graphics are on all of Intel's chips (except for Xeons and X99 i7s, as of right now.) AMD only has integrated graphics on one of their chips, the APU. The FX series and the Athlon series of AMD CPUs do not have integrated graphics at all.


The Power Supply Unit is one of the most overlooked parts in the system, when it really should be one of the most important parts. Don't go cheap on this, as you could regret it later. Generally a ~500w-700w PSU is perfect for the average gaming build. Another thing: Don't judge a PSUs quality on the 'gold' or 'bronze' rating. This is just the efficiency, and how many volts the PSU is drawing from the wall outlet. Only buy PSUs from well-known brands, such as Corsair, Evga, Seasonic, XFX, and Thermaltake/Antec in some situations. Corsair has a series of PSUs named 'CX'. Don't buy those, they are generally pretty low quality. EVGAs G2/GS series are one of the best PSUs money can buy right now.

IWannaPC says:

Another few good power supply series include (but are not limited to):
Seasonic's G and X
XFX's XTR (basically a modular Seasonic G)
Corsair's RMx, RMi, HXi, HX, AX, AXi
Antec's High Current Gamer (referred to as HGC by some) and EarthWatts
Generally Thermaltake and Rosewill make mediocre PSUs, but they're not as bad as Logysis or Diablotek.

dan_castellaneta says:

Antec's True Power Classic, Evga's GQ, and Super Flower's PSUs from the Golden Green HX and up are good as well.

F. Case

The case can be skimped on pretty easily, but be wary that some have 5.25" drives (DVD/Blu-Ray drives) and some do not. This does not mean that an optical drive comes with the case, it merely means that you can buy one and install it if you wish. Generally for any build you will want to spend at least $40 on the case, to make sure it will hold up. Anything above $50 or so is for purely cosmetic reasons.

G. CPU Cooler

The CPU cooler is something you shouldn't need to worry about unless you plan on overclocking the CPU. The stock cooler is just fine in most cases, and yes, it does come with it's own thermal paste. In no way do you need to buy more thermal paste (unless you don't have any and you plan on removing the CPU cooler for some reason.)

H. Storage

If you know how a flash drive works, you know how a HDD works, basically. It stores all your data, and keeps it regardless of shutdown/restart. A HDD has metal platters on the inside, and it reads/writes the stored data magnetically. An SSD is much faster, because it is digital and has no moving parts. Think of a HDD as equivalent to a DVD, and the SSD equivalent to a flash drive. In general, an SSD is 5 times faster than an HDD, but is also 5-6 times the price for the amount of storage you get. A regular PCPP habit is pairing a 250gb SSD (for a boot drive) and a 1tb HDD (for games and programs).

If you have any question just shoot me a PM and I'll respond shortly.