I'm a thirteen fifteen year old British & American citizen, currently in the process of moving back over to living in Britain, moved from California (I guess we kind of just got bored after twelve years living over there). Have around £1050 in the bank as of now, but plan on saving up for one monster of a PC I have built my PC and things are going immaculately. I guess you could call me a PC Enthusiast to an extent.

I've done my research (now over three years and counting) & I'm getting my hopes up that someday I will be able to have my first PC be a beast, with a GTX 10 Series GPU and 8th Generation Intel CPU (although that's destined to change with the rate at which technology is advancing). Oh how time has flown.

While spending a lot of time watching reviews (including a lot of JayzTwoCents, Bitwit & LinusTechTips), I also like to go for long-*** bike rides with my uncle around this fairly new area to me; Surrey, England, and I also enjoy playing various racket sports with various people. However, I have now started my GCSE courses, so my attention is focused primarily on that.. even more than on computers. Just kidding, Computing is one of my GCSE options. No time to spare!

With lots of enthusiasm (and a thirst for money),
- George