So, you have decided to check my profile eh? Feel free to look around, although you won't find much in the way of an actual computer. I'm working on getting that issue resolved. Patience is a virtue (and I don't have it, so I'm one to talk.)

If you come here before the uploading of my first build. My soon-to-be PC is labeled "Bavarian Glory" named after the car it's color scheme was inspired by: The Bavarian Motor Works (Verks?) i8.

But that's boring intro crap and I am sorry you forced yourself to read it, so here is a little bit about myself

My name is Michael. I have been absolutely obsessed with technology since the eras when the Gameboy was still a relevant household name. As the owner of a computer since I was about 8, I have been doing my best to make this hobby of mine a field. College is only so far away...

In other news, should you ever find this information good for conversation starting, I am a maniac for a few things in life: Tech, Cars, Planes, other mechanical stuff, and Sleep. My mind is this great big enigma through which entire universes are created and destroyed. There's a whole lot cramped in there, and I like to think I use technology to help vent out my ideas and make them better.

My literary habits fall along works of science fiction and fantasy. Mixed with those are works by the late Ayn Rand (which also fuel my political philosophies ((to a point.)))

So yeah. That is my shpeal.