Railway engineer, Crap gamer, Hardware Enthusiast.

Gaming since Pong. On The following;

Atari woody (still got it), ZX81, C64, Speccy 48k, MSX, Mega Drive, PS1, PS2, XBox, N64, 360, PS3, PS4

Pc's Too many to list from Voodoo card days up till Titan X Pascal

Been building and modding / fixing PC's for friends and family for about 10 years now.

Fave games to name a few;

Pac man, Manic miner, sonic, Road rash, Golden eye, Tomb raider 1, VRally, PGR 2, COD 1 & 4, WOW, FEAR, Splinter cell, AC (all), FarCry 1 & 3, Project cars, Division and many many more ive forgot

Uplay; spiralz23 Steam; 23spiral windows; MrRonist