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manirelli's Build Guide: Excellent Intel Gaming Build

Twiggy221 1 point 2 months ago

Bought most of these parts of this list and put it all together. Overall solid build however had major problems with the motherboard and cpu cooler. Put it all together and the motherboard was faulty had to swap it out as it wasn’t registering my ram and hence wouldn’t boot up. Then as I put the pieces back together after an already mind numbing process of diagnosing the problem the lack of instructions on the cpu cooler and a singular video on fitting it (with none for my socket) meant I had not fitted a bracket correctly and had to re apply paste and then still didn’t get the right temperatures. I flipped the radiator round despite the instructions clearly stating a different placement and now I finally have decent temperatures. So upon judgement don’t buy from ASRock their motherboards are garbage and lack quality control. This CPU cooler is a nightmare to fit and reasonably loud. Think about spending a bit more on a respectable motherboard and a more widely used cooler.