List of Interests:

Games (All Kinds)

Movies (All Kinds)

Comics (All Kinds)

Anime and Manga (All Kinds)

ETC.......... I think you get the point

I currently work in the IT industry as it ran in the family. That being said, ever since I was a child I loved to build things. No matter what it was I just liked to build (Lego's back in the day). When I was 13 or so I started to get into PC configuration. Just customizing and spec'ing out PC's at the time. As time progressed, I got quite good at it. People began to realize and started coming to me not as family, friends or strangers but as customers. When I was 14 I began to save up money so that I could eventually build my own machine. I built my first build when I was 15 and gradually updated it over the years.

I love this site as you get to share ideas, opinions, builds or knowledge while also learning or gaining something back in return. The community on this site is (mostly) fantastic. Criticism can be hard to swallow but its needed to improve.

Here are a few sites and channels that I like to use for the above interests......Enjoy



-IGN (Yeah I know, Im not talking about their reviews but just for quick news and also the podcasts are pretty good too)

-FrankieonPC (Dissapeared but still has the best videos)

-ACG (Best Reviewer in my opinion)








-Eteknix (For news, not reviews)


-HardwareCanucks (Best tech youtuber in my opinion)(#1)

-Optimum tech (Up and coming channel but puts out really great content)(#2)

-JayzTwoCents (Jay has stepped up his game tremendously over the years)(#3)



-Austin Evan





-Science Studio

-Tech Deals

-Boosted Media


-Chris stuckmann (Best reviewer in my opinion)

-Beyond the trailer

-Cinema Sins

-Cinema wins

-Lessons from the screenplay (Great video essays)

-Nerdwriter1 (Also has some good video essays)


-Variant Comics


- (Good link to read comics online)