So basically, this is an account that I have lists of PC parts that you can put together and build a computer. I set this up just so that it's easier for me to get a computer, and to link one to my friends in case they are in need of one.

If you find this confusing, or you find this geeky, then go buy yourself a PC from bestbuy for $700 that's actually worth $150 lol


General Updates:

Part List Updates:

  • Chroma V1.2: GPU swapped, motherboard changed, SSD changed, bios issues patched
  • Tundra V1.5: More reliable PSU added, and now goes up to 620W instead of 450W.
  • Mojave V1.3: supply update
  • Azure V1.3: PSU update
  • Oddisee V1.2: Power Supply warning added
  • Wisp V1.2: Added a power supply...