Hi, welcome to my account. I love building PCs and messing with electronics, and I am surprised I haven't shocked myself yet!


Secret Karma Market

tomtomj2 is the Karma Store

tragiktimes101 will give a hug for 50 Karma

vagabond139 is the official bank of Karma

You need 1,000 Karma to unlock the Karma store, 3,000 to become a premium member, And 10,000 to become Karma iluminati

Gain ranks through your Karma, and mark your Karma dominance

Beginner ranks

*Noob rank: 100 Karma

*Laptop rank: 250 Karma

*PC Builder rank: 500 Karma
- Memo1010

Skilled Ranks

*Bronze rank: 1,000 Karma(unlocks Karma store)

*Silver rank: 2,000 Karma
- Nullarc77
-philip (staff)

*Gold rank: 5,000 Karma

*Diamond rank: 10,000 Karma(become Karma iluminati)

*Platinum rank: 20,000 Karma

The Ultimate Rank

This rank is for the person who surpases 100,000 Karma, and can only be held by one person. If multiple people hold this, the highest Karma claims the title.

Current Ultimate Ranker: Unknown

whoever sees this, and sees themselves listed, have pride in the rank you hold, and defend your title and climb the ranks to become the Ultimate PCPP member.

DISCLAIMER: ZFGeek, vagabond139, tragiktimes101, and PCPartPicker are not responsible for lost or stolen Karma, and said Karma is irreplaceable and not refundable. We are not responsible for hurt feelings over ranks, and complaints will be ignored. Karma and the Karma store may not be available in all states and territories. Proposition 65: Karma is known in the State of California to cause cancer and other birth defects.