I am a 15 year old kid who lives in a small town and loves computers (Macs more than PCs but they are ok). I have been messing with and salvaging parts out of our computers at our family business. The First part I put in a computer was a pathetic, little graphics card that I bought my dad for his birthday so he could run 2 monitors. I ended up replacing it with one that could and ever since it has worked fine (I got lucky). My first build was early 2015 and it was a (sort of) server for the family business that was not built well and the cable management was pathetic (but the case had little of no room to work with so I still pride myself) but it works and will be put into use early next year (2016 or late this year (2015). I am planning a build for early/mid 2016 that will be a gaming/small-mid-range video editing/a tiny bit of photo editing/school computer (we home school). It will be my second build but my first gaming build.

UPDATE: That "early/mid 2016 build" happened early this year (2016). I have not created a completed build BC I am too lazy see the parts list, go to my saved parts list, and click on refurb-new.

Thanks for looking, Beat