Well hey there! I'm 13, Russian, live in the U.S. ( atm ) and I've gotten into PC building after my mac got a little too old to play modern titles at all. And I thought, well, yeah, guess I'll get a pre-built one and I went to tomshardware asking good parts, configs, brands,etc. I was BOMBARDED with "Build your own!" comments. And well I didn't want to build one since I thought It'd be hard... I was never so wrong... Thanks to everyone who helped me on tomshardware with everything! huge thanks to them! ( And also a huge thanks to my Dad for opportunity to go into it, I got my Dad into it in the process too :P )

So, what I build for and why. I'm a "Gamer" ( kind of a stupid word :/ ) I think the principle of gaming is not on how much you play one game, but how many games you have played, and since when you played them. I played games since I was 5, I was kicking butt in racing games :P But as years past I went into more "Real" games. I tend to do a lot of researching on games before getting them since I of course don't want to waste time on something with the story and gameplay comparable to Call Of Duty when I could be playing something better. I play anything from Minecraft to Half Life, or from Batman to Civilization. Same goes to me with music.

I try to focus on aesthetics, I would drop a little more performance on a better looking case. And all the rant about AMD vs. NVIDIA or AMD vs. Intel, I really don't see the point, they are all jumping over each other, BOOM! NVIDIA comes out with 780 ti! But AMD's prices are cheaper for same performance... BOOM! AMD prices skyrocket! But I am myself an NVIDIA/Intel guy, since I've had more expirience with them and I just like them. I'm a Corsair/NVIDIA/Intel kind of guy. :P

So, a small bit of info on why I started PC building, what I use my PC for, and how I choose my parts!

I know I'm a little new to PC building but in the month since I started and months to come, I learned a lot of stuff! And I won't be afriad to share any knowledge with you if you would desire any help on part selection!

  • Steam: KnightOfDragonKeep
  • Skype: SithJawa112233