Just a EE turned CS that likes to geek out over LED's shining on high end gadgetry...

Most my life I've been about making things my own. Whether it's been installing a custom gauge cluster in my RX8 or building my first PC. My background is in the automotive world which has a lot of ability to do customization and make a car your own. The only problem is it can hit your wallet pretty hard! So when I was turned towards the world of custom PC building I was immediately transfixed, I could build an entire custom rig for the same price it would cost me to do one little customization to my car!

Hence my madness started... My first PC was put together a few years back and I had no knowledge of this miraculous time saving website! I scoured for the best low end budget parts i could find. When it was all said and done it wasn't a fancy rig, but it was my rig. I had added my own touch to it, sleeved and braided the cables myself with 550 paracord, added RGB lighting to the case and put some long painstaking hours into making it my own.

Then I started college again and I found that I needed a better laptop, my current one at the time was five years old (1000 years in tech. age) and wasn't cutting it. My beautiful desktop sat at home and I rarely had the time to use it anymore. So I made the choice to sell it in order to afford a new laptop... Yes, I know many are now shaking your head at me. This (i thought) ended my short stint in the PC building world.

Then a few months ago I had a friend turn me towards a degree in Computer Science and pushed me back into PC building by introducing me to PCPP! So now begins my urge to pick, choose and build my way to epic proportions and custom insanity!