Started out in a Corsair 450d, reviews were great, Linus and HardwareChanuks didn't have much bad to say about it. 450d is sexy, has some of the absolute worst dust "filters" (more like rock meshes), sucks *** at cable management in the back, the side panels bend slightly making it impossible to close the back panel without two people or mounting the case so you can push each end of the panel with both arms and a leg to slide the panel closed without one edge being popped out while closed.

DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG 840 EVO!!! The degradation algorithm bug is still a problem, mine got so bad that the Performance Restoration software fails during the firmware update and I've read that the bug returns even for those who's Restoration worked. ALL OTHER SAMSUNG SSDs WORK FINE.

I loved the NZXT h440 but thought it was too big. I stuck with the 450d until I saw the NZXT S340. I was going to get the GTX 980 but my plans have changed to the 970. I may decide to save up a while more for the 980 or even until Nvidia's next GPU. GTX 1080? I wonder what the next naming scheme will be.

I got into gaming when I was 12, never owned a conslow, started on iOS (I had an iPod touch 2nd Gen) played the first N.O.V.A - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance it is still in my opinion one of the best games ever, along with N.O.V.A. ELITE a free PC and Mac beta release that ended and to everyone's sadness never made a full release, that was my competitive zone, I was 23 out of millions on the world leaderbord and still moving up when the game was shut down by Gameloft. Got into PC gaming first by porting cracked PC games to the family iMac. Played RAGE, got a love for Crysis and modded Skyrim until it wouldn't launch. I built my first PC in summer 2014, no GPU yet though.

But I'm considering the GTX 970 only partially because of money; I have more than enough saved for the 980 but I do a lot of audio work and gaming isn't super important (although I am an ultra graphics *****), I'm a student technician, always was a musician but when I started high school I stopped band for audio production and to work as a technician. Ever since my first concert when I was in 3rd grade seeing the crew working on the rigging backstage while walking through out to the main stage to perform, I knew what I was going to do. So most of the money I have saved for a GPU will be going to a nice hardware synth/midi and other equipment (since I'm not yet working professionally this is mostly for volunteer work and experience, so I feel no shame in getting the software I need from torrents until then.